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Welcome to Ruok

Discover the solutions that innovative technology

Different from other Internet companies, we look at valuations more.
Ruok has its own research and development of payment platform, live platform,
as well as other online-related business expansion.
As the AI revolution continues apace, blockchain and other technical direction,
we all have relevant technical solutions.

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Who are we
Ruok is a technology company focusing on Internet technology research and development. Founded in 2014,
Ruok is headquartered in Sihanoukville, the Kingdom of Cambodia.
In addition, in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore will have a branch office.
The company owns development payment platform "RUOK PAY", live platform "RUOK LIVE".
For the enterprise-side and offline retail application, data statistics, data analysis.
web services and other related product development.
Clustering Deployment
Avoiding single point of failure,
We use clustering to provide a highly available service.
component failures might impact individual queries but
should not result in complete system failure
Cloud Database
Use cloud server, load balancing service
Migrate MySQL to Google Cloud
Relational Database (RDS)
to secure continuity
Dynamic API
We're working with a scalable infrastructure
Use Google Cloud APIs,
can ensure that enough servers for
the traffic you're trying to handle.
Ruok Pay

Ruok Pay Professional payment platform

Cloud-deployed database, the industry's top security standards.

For offline retail, entertainment and other related industries to provide online payment services.

Integration supports more than 20 different mobile payment methods worldwide:
PayPal、Google Wallet、Apple Pay、Alipay、WeChat Pay…

We even support the payment of various virtual currencies.
Including but not limited to: BTC, ETH.

Ruok live

Ruok live Cloud streaming platform

Independent research and development of back-end technology architecture.
Coding push speed industry-leading.
Complete interface design, to provide different customer needs.
Games, outdoor, dance, song. Adequate anchor resources from around the world.

Application scene display
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No matter the size of your business, Ruok provide the best solution.
Control your costs and reducing time.
E-mail: admin@ruok.co
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